I hope that I have painted a pretty good picture of what our time together might be like. Please consider that when deciding on how much time you’d like to spend with me. I only have a few opportunities each month to play, but I genuinely hope to meet you soon.

Introduction ~ 2 hours: 1,800
This is reserved for gentlemen who have limited time for pleasure. An impossibly busy work schedule can only leave you with a couple of hours to spare. You may as well use it wisely with a gorgeous beach bunny at your side.

A Little Longer ~ 3 hours ~ 2,600
This is my ideal date for a first date for the gentleman that is not able to get a way for a leisurely dinner date. We can begin by meeting for cocktails or lunch and then retreat to our romantic hideaway.

A Dinner Escape ~ 4 hours ~ 3,200
Indulge in delectable dishes while we dine at a restaurant of your choosing. There’s no need to dine alone when you can arrange a time for me to accompany you. Bring on the wine, fine scotch, and good food. A passionate getaway to follow after we wet our appetites and our senses…

An Extended Evening ~ 6 hours ~ 4,200
You and I can slip away for an evening or extended afternoon of adventurous mischief or casual leisure. This is great for gentlemen who have extra time to take a break from the chaos of life and simply enjoy a date with a lovely and vivacious companion. A great way to see a play or an art exhibit followed by a decadent meal and to truly built genuine connection with your dream girl.

A Sleepover ~ 12 hours ~ 6,200
Waking up to a beautiful young woman is every man’s fantasy. We’ll get to enjoy the evening without having to think about time until we rise in the morning. A fun night out that is full of passion and intimacy followed by restful night sleep, and a morning delight.

An Epicurean Sleepover ~ 16 hours ~ 7,200
All the incredible elements of my overnight package above, but with the addition of sweet or savory breakfast… (This could be read as food or something else LOL). And who wouldn’t want 4 extra hours to be in the company of a captivating and attentive partner?

24 hour Delight ~ 8,400
Sun up to sun down, and all over again. This is the ideal option for you if you want to truly indulge. I can plan our time together with a selection of exciting things for you to choose from (like hiking or sailing) or we can let serendipity be our guides. If 24 hours just not enough, let’s plan for additional days of fun!

Weekend Getaway ~ 12,00 to 14,00 depending on the length of our getaway
Longer Holidays ~ please inquire

Rates are for my time and companionship only and are completely non-negotiable. Remember quality time is of the highest value.