You’re a curious couple that is excited, but nervous about including a third partner.
It sounds intimidating, as you have an idea of what to expect, but not entirely sure because it’s something completely new. Or maybe you’re a couple that is experienced in the art of the ménage à trios, and can’t wait for your next adventure. Either way, I would love to explore with you.

I created a separate page for you two, just so that you know how much I enjoy the company of a pair of adventurous lovers. I take time to make sure that both partners are equally comfortable and satisfied during our time together. Although I have to admit, I especially enjoy women who are open to different things, so she might get a lot of the attention 😉 We can sit him down and allow his voyeuristic tendencies to prevail, she can soak in the gentle feminine touch that she’s been craving, or it can be a total whirlwind of lust with no rules. Just let me know what you two are looking for, and I would be happy to play along.

Personally, I enjoy leisure evenings and traveling with a couple.
The buildup of excitement is that much more explosive for the three of us. We can go out for a stimulating evening of wine and oysters, or partake in debauchery at a swinger’s event. Slightly wild romance or utterly intense fun. Both sound like excellent options.
Couples, please add an additional $200 to your selected consideration package.