I don’t have a list of rules for you to abide by – we’re simply planning to enjoy one another’s company.

But, there are a few things to know in advance that will make our time together more enjoyable.

Select which section applies to you so that you can prepare for our date accordingly.
I’ve never done this before.

The first thing you should remember is: don’t be nervous! I’m a person just like you, and I will do my best to make sure you feel comfortable with me at all times. I know even in person it can be daunting to approach a woman who catches your eye. But, this is the best way to date if you’re looking for commitment-free companionship. I promise. I am very newbie friendly and here are a few tips:
Introduce yourself via my booking form or email politely (and romantically if you feel so inclined). First impressions are paramount and I will probably instantly like you if you’re sweet to me.
Please plan ahead for our date together. Screening does take time and rearranging the calendar is not as easy as one might think, so please give me ample time for our rendezvous.
Please do not email asking about specifics of our date. Remember I am a companion and you are paying for my time and companionship only. Anything that occurs between consenting adults is a personal choice between consenting adults and is in no way contacted for, or solicitation.
Please take a shower right before our date. Being fresh is important. If you’re coming to see me at my incall location and you don’t have an opportunity to shower beforehand, you’re welcome to freshen up at my location.
Present my compensation in an envelope or gift bag at the beginning of our date. Please don’t make me ask for it. It’s awkward.
Please don’t arrive early or late to our rendezvous.
Please don’t make loud phone calls in front of my incall. Please be discreet as I am always very thoughtfully discreet when I visit your place.
Be discreet! When we’re meeting in public, act like we know each other! Just two friends/lovers getting together for a nice dinner. But, don’t discuss anything about our arrangement or make it visually evident. Please don’t speak so loud that others around us- or even worse-case scenario, those across the room are able to hear.
Do NOT disclose the intimate details that you may learn about my private life/work/hobbies/home town etc. to third parties, by either private messaging on Review Boards or Public Forums. Remember that discretion and respect is a two way street.
Be discreet, courteous and don’t forget to relax and I will bend over backwards to make sure we both have the best date imaginable.

This isn’t my first time

While you may have a way in which you do things with other lovely companions, please respect whatever I may ask of you. This includes personal information for screening purposes, requesting a date with me in advance, and being respectful throughout our correspondence. All pretty simple, right? Now lets plan our romantic escape!