Let’s be honest – traveling with a lover is so much more fun than traveling alone. Can you imagine going to a conference knowing that after each day of sessions and meetings, you get to go back to your hotel where a beautiful girl will be waiting? I know. Amazing. Or even better, having the opportunity to sail away to our own slice of paradise by taking a vacation together. I have a current passport and I’m available to travel with you just about anywhere. I’d love to accompany you!

As you can tell, I love California. It’s a wonderfully diverse state, beautiful all throughout. I’d be happy to visit you in a neighboring city of Los Angeles. I don’t mind driving up to two hours, but anything farther than that would require a flight. So, what do you have in mind? I’m thinking we can soak up the sun on the coast, go wine tasting in Napa, or cheer on a sports team of your choice while they annihilate their opponents.
Far Away

Would you like to whisk me away to the culturally and historically rich east coast? New York, Boston, and DC are all amazing bustling cities that you and I can get lost exploring in. And we can even vacation in beautiful Maine or cruise down the coast to the beaches of Florida. It’s nice to escape every once in a while.

In addition to below, I request that you cover all accommodation costs.
Distance with Additional Travel Fee

Distance: Minimum Date Required: Additional Travel Fee:
1 hour Drive 2 Hour Date Package $100
1.5 hour Drive 2 Hour Date Package $150
2 hour Drive 3 Hour Date Package $200
Flight-West Coast 3 Hour Date $600
Flight-East Coast 6 Hour Date $900


When I think of traveling internationally with a lover, I can’t help but fantasize about the adventure that awaits. I imagine roaming the vibrant streets of Rio de Janeiro, start doodling Eiffel Towers as I dream of Paris, and attempt to learn Mandarin when I think of Shanghai. Let’s break out our passports and see what we can discover. Traveling together internationally is an intimate experience. Please inquire before planning our epic trip.
Fine Print: A 50% deposit is required in advance for all travel in order to secure our trip. I’m not able to book a flight or schedule a road trip without a deposit. Also, to ensure that I arrive refreshed, I prefer to book my own flights on first class at least several weeks in advance. Last minute requests may incur additional travel fee.